Collection universe

2 plexi supports for 12 arrows
Workshop service (2 supports) for archer, boom display. Gap of about 17mm between each arrow. (arrows to be placed in staggered patterns)
Dimensions: Height 34mm, Length 198mm, Width 30mm.
Assortment of 10 plexiglass easels
Assortment of 10 plexiglass easels 2 small easels 6 medium easels 2 large easels Dimensions: height: 30.8mm, 51.6mm, 75mm Also opt for our set of 9 easels of single size reference PRE44 in addition to this assortment.
Assortment of 26 plexiglass supports for collector's items
Assortment of 26 plexiglass holders for collectibles 6 displays 15mm (Height: 22mm, Width: 20mm) - 4 displays 20mm (Height: 28mm, Width: 26mm) 4 displays 26mm (Height: 34mm, Width: 30mm) - 4 displays 29mm (Height: 37mm, Width: 33mm) 4 displays 33mm (Height: 43mm, Width: 37mm) - 4 displays 40mm (Height: 49mm, Width: 44mm)
Plexi display for 4 pipes
Display for 4 pipes. Dimensions Height: 60mm, Base 228x76mm thickness of 8mm, clips to hold the pipes.