Famous 3D printed statuettes


Replicas of ancient or contemporary statues to decorate your home

Possess masterpieces exhibited in particular at the Louvre? Graphiplex offers you this possibility thanks to 3D printing. These statuettes are replicas of Greek, Egyptian and even Modigliani statues in a very contemporary style. Printed as standard in white PLA, they can be made in pop version !

You have other desires and you have a model*? Contact us, we will discuss your project and make a free quote.

*Beware, however, of copyright for any work less than 70 years old!

David Statuette by Michelangelo 3D
Michelangelo's David Printed in PLA imitation marble Dimensions: Height: 135mm approximately, Weight: 120g - Imitation marble printing, 14h30 of printing
Napoleon 3D statuette
Bust of Napoleon Bonaparte White PLA print Dimensions: Height: 140mm, Weight: about 145g - White printing, 20h of printing
Nefertiti 3D statuette
Bust of Nefertiti White PLA print Dimensions: Height: 170mm, Weight: 156g - White print, 19h printing
Statuette Head of a woman by Modigliani
Modigliani's Head of a Woman - Period 1913-1915 Printed in white PLA, with black base and two-layer PVC label imitation brushed brass. Dimensions: Height: 170mm, Weight: 54g - White print, 8h30 of printing
Statuette Venus de Milo 3D
Venus de Milo of Alexandros of Antioch White PLA printed Dimensions: Height: 170mm, Weight: 50g - White print, 8h30 of printing
Statuette Victory of Samothrace
Victory of Samothrace White PLA print Di mensions : Height : 170mm, Weight : 84g - White printing, 26h of printing