Plexiglas displays for Militaria collectibles


Plexiglas stands to showcase your Militaria collectibles

Graphiplex thought of collectors of military objects who could not find supports designed specifically for them. Badges, maids, medals, military buttons, helmets, long or handheld firearms, knives: we have the display for you!

We also cater to specific needs and sizes. Contact us, we will discuss your project and make a free quote.

Plexiglas display for bayonet

Plexiglas display for large knives

General display suitable for bayonets, swords, swords, katanas...

Dimension: Height of the 100mm uprights, 2 V-shaped uprights and a split upright in the kit.

Plexiglas display for daggers, large knives
Plexiglas display for medium-sized knives General display that is suitable for daggers, daggers ... Dimensions: Height: 70mm - Base: Length: 160mm, Width: 160mm - Assembly by gluing (glue not supplied)
Plexiglas display for handgun
Plexiglas display for handgun General display suitable for different calibers of revolvers and pistols Dimensions: Height of the uprights: 70X100mm - Base: Length 80mm, Width 115mm
Plexiglas display for long gun
Plexiglas display for long gun General display that is suitable for most rifles, rifles, muskets, carabiners, chassepots (maxi 45mm wide). Dimensions: Height of the uprights: 150mm - Base: Length 320, Width 85mm. Notches of 45mm useful width