Plexiglas displays for collector's coins and medals


Plexiglas supports dedicated to numismatists

Graphiplex wanted to meet the very specific expectations of numismatists. Thus, whatever the era, their origin, or their size, our wide range of media covers most of the world's collector's items.

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Assortment of 26 plexiglass supports for collector's items
Assortment of 26 plexiglass holders for collectibles 6 displays 15mm (Height: 22mm, Width: 20mm) - 4 displays 20mm (Height: 28mm, Width: 26mm) 4 displays 26mm (Height: 34mm, Width: 30mm) - 4 displays 29mm (Height: 37mm, Width: 33mm) 4 displays 33mm (Height: 43mm, Width: 37mm) - 4 displays 40mm (Height: 49mm, Width: 44mm)