What are your manufacturing deadlines?

All standard products are in stock and any order placed before 10pm is shipped the next day. For custom products, manufacturing is launched after full acceptance of the quote and the preliminary drawing made.

Any delay will be notified by email.

If my product does not suit me, can I get a refund?

You have 14 days to return your product. The refund will be made within 14 days, after verification of the returned product.

With the exception of products that have been used , visibly damaged, or whose package does not contain any attached document to identify the sender, as well as personalized products (trophies and custom displays, in particular)

How much are the shipping costs?

The costs for the metropolitan France are free, except for decorative letters and numbers, where the shipping costs are decreasing according to the volume ordered. For Luxembourg and Belgium they are offered from 70 € of purchase. For other destinations contact us: contact@graphiplex.fr

What is plexiglass?

Do you know the difference between Plexiglas, Shopping Cart or Kleenex? These registered trademark names have become common names for these products. Plexiglas is the most common name for polymethyl methacrylate, but it can also be called Plexiglass, PMMA, Perspex and Altuglas. It is a so-called thermoplastic material, i.e. it becomes softer when heated.

What about sustainable development?

The different plexi supports are intended to last over time. In addition, in order to have as little impact as possible on the planet, we have made it a point of honor to use eco-responsible packaging products:

  • corn starch cushioning particles are biodegradable,
  • polyethylene bubble wrap is completely biodegradable,
  • Envelope reinforcement boxes are salvage cartons.