Black plexiglass display for 4 collectible knives
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Black plexiglass display for 4 collectible knives

Black plexiglass displays for 4 collectible knives

Dimensions: Height 98mm, Depth 100mm, Width 116mm.

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At Graphiplex, our customers make us see all the colors and we love it! Developed at the request of one of them, this black plexiglass support for 4 knives was so successful that it became standard. And it's true that black plexi offers a certain cachet to your most beautiful blades!

For the most classic, it is available in transparent plexiglass and more authentic and most artists in customizable medium.

black plexiglass thickness 3mm
Dimensions: Height 79mm, Depth 80mm, Width 118mm - 2 spacers and 2 studs to interlock. Simple interlocking assembly
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