Graphiplex was born from the meeting between Bruno Lemaire, a native of Seine Saint-Denis, a true collector of all kinds and Pascal Foix who manufactured taxi identification plates.

"I collect old coins, in particular, but I could not find supports to display them and showcase them. So, when Pascal retired, I bought his laser cutting machine to create plexiglass displays that would really meet our expectations, us collectors !" Funny bet, right?

Launched in 2016

What was initially a hobby quickly became a real activity and Bruno created Graphiplex in the summer of 2016 with some supports of small objects to start ... which have multiplied, following the growing demand of collectors and their varied needs.

"Thanks to the ideas of my customers I have developed many products that are now standard! However, I continue to offer tailor-made, because I know only too well the importance of meeting a specific need."

So do not hesitate to contact us for any specific request. A simple email for a first contact is enough and the establishment of a quote is totally free!

Our opening hours

The website operates 24/7. Orders for products in stock placed before 10pm are shipped the next day (working days). And you can contact us by email whenever you want, we will respond as soon as possible to your requests: contact@graphiplex.fr

Our workshop

The workshop is actually in 3 distinct parts: computer creation, manufacturing and shipping.

  • creation : all media sold on the site were created by Graphiplex on computer. Before being marketed, they are tested in the workshop to check their stability and robustness.
  • Manufacturing : the plans made on computer are sent to the machine which cuts and sometimes engraves the transparent or colored plexiglass and the medium that we have been offering for 1 year. Protective plastic is not removed by avoiding scratches and this is a task that you are entrusted with upon receipt of your products.
  • Shipping : all media are classified by references and wrapped in tissue paper, while waiting to meet its future buyer! The majority of the supports will also be accompanied by an assembly manual attached to the package.